3 Tips For Better Engine Oil Performance In Your Luxury Car

Investing in a luxury car is an expense that makes many drivers feel good. A vehicle serves as more than just a method of transportation, it can also serve as a status symbol and outward expression of your personal success.

A luxury car comes with a hefty price tag, so you want to ensure that you are taking all precautions to extend the life of the vehicle. The right engine oil will go a long way toward keeping your luxury vehicle's mechanical systems running smoothly.

Create a customized oil change schedule.

The engine oil in your luxury vehicle will need to be changed regularly to preserve the performance of your car. Your owner's manual will list a recommended schedule for changing your oil, typically based on the number of miles driven.

What the manufacturer's recommended oil change schedule can't anticipate are the conditions under which your vehicle will be driven each day. If you do a lot of stop-and-start driving or navigate steep inclines, your vehicle will probably burn off more engine oil than normal. This could mean that you will need more frequent oil changes to fully protect your engine.

Work with your mechanic to establish a customized oil change schedule for your luxury car.

Stick with a full-synthetic oil.

When it comes to selecting the type of engine oil that you put into your luxury vehicle, it can be beneficial to stick with a full-synthetic oil product. Synthetic oils tend to cost more than conventional oils, but these products are designed to work with extreme-performance engines.

Your luxury vehicle likely has an engine that can produce a lot of horsepower, which also means a lot of heat and friction is present under the hood. Synthetic oils are better equipped to withstand extreme changes in temperature while maintaining the highly viscous quality needed to protect your luxury vehicle's engine against damage.

Replace the oil filter at every oil change.

An oil filter plays a critical role in helping to maintain the purity of the engine oil circulating through your luxury vehicle. A dirty filter could contaminate a fresh oil supply, placing your high-performance engine at risk of sustaining serious damage.

Having the oil filter replaced each time you invest in an oil change will help ensure that your luxury vehicle's oil circulation system stays in good condition so that it can provide maximum protection for your expensive vehicle over time.

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