Tips For Selecting The Right Concession Trailer For Your New Business

Do you own a restaurant and are looking to take your food experience around town or even out of the state? One way you might be able to take your dining experience on the road would be to invest in a concession trailer. A concession trailer comes equipped with everything you might need for food preparation while out on the road or away from your main restaurant.

For example, a BBQ restaurant could take a BBQ concession trailer to a local fair or craft show and serve up some good eats to grateful customers. This might introduce new people to your business, and you could soon have new regulars showing up at your restaurant. Here's what you need to know when choosing a concession trailer.

Visualize Yourself Inside the Trailer and Choose a Layout Accordingly

Concession trailers come in all shapes and sizes. If you will be taking a team of people with you to cook and serve the food from within the trailer, you will want to make sure that there is enough space for everyone to move around. Think about your standard workflow when creating your favorite dishes. Which way will the food need to move within the trailer as it moves from prep to cooking to serving? You don't want to get a concession trailer that leaves you and your staff feeling awkward and cramped because there is no room to move around.

Think About How Much Storage You Need

Some concession trailers are large enough that they include additional space for storage. You could keep things like plates, utensils, and napkins and nonperishable cooking supplies on the trailer on a permanent basis. This will make it easier when you are getting ready to go to a new event because most of the things you need will already be inside the trailer and you won't have to load up that much stuff from the restaurant every time you are about to go mobile.

Find Out If You Will Need a Permit

Serving food out of a concession trailer may require a special permit from your state or local government. The exact permit required may depend on what type of food or drinks you are serving and the type of equipment you are using to cook the food. While it can be nice to get a concession trailer with all of the bells and whistles, be aware of any additional regulations you might need to comply with in order to use a more advanced trailer.

Contact a local company that offers concession trailers for sale today to get more information.