Auto Windshield Replacement Keeps The Windshield Strong

A car's windshield protects you from insects, debris, rain, and wind. In addition, it allows you to see the road and everything else ahead of you. If you have ever driven or ridden a motorcycle you know how much can fly into your face and body when there is nothing in front of you for protection. Of course, the glass in a windshield can be damaged, sometimes making it less effective at protecting everyone inside. Here are a few tips to determine if auto windshield replacement is necessary to keep everyone safe.


If the crack is directly in the driver's line of sight while driving, even if small, the glass should be replaced. Any crack that extends to the edge of the windshield also means the glass needs to be replaced. While small cracks elsewhere can be repaired, the repair often creates a mar in the glass that can affect what the driver sees. And if the edge is damaged, it is going to create leaks and allow moisture into the layers that make the glass weak. It is also important to get a new windshield if the crack is more than the length of a dollar bill. If the glass has multiple cracks, it would be a good idea to go ahead and have it replaced too. 


As with cracks, if a chip is right in the driver's view then you should have the glass replaced and not repaired. Chips at the edge of the glass are not good either. In addition, cracks that penetrate completely through the glass are not good and should not be repaired. Finally, multiple cracks mean you need to have the windshield replaced.

Tempered Glass

If for some reason your vehicle still has tempered glass in the windshield, you need to replace it with laminated glass. Tempered glass may not shatter like regular glass, but it will still break and can fly into the vehicle and cause injuries. Laminated glass is layered. There are panels of glass held together and surrounded by a special plastic. When this glass breaks it is all held together so it does not hurt anyone.

While sometimes it is up to you to determine if auto windshield replacement is necessary, there are times when it is required by law. If you are stopped by a police officer with a damaged windshield you may be given a citation. It would be best to just have the work done and save yourself from a fine.

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