The Classic Car Restoration Guide To Finding Used And Refurbished Parts For Repairs

When you are restoring a classic car, sometimes you need to find used auto parts. You need the right parts to complete repairs that need to be done during the restorations. Therefore, you may want to know where to find the parts you need. The following classic car restoration guide will help you find the right parts for your project:

Rebuilding With Kits

A lot of auto parts can be rebuilt and reused. If you have experience working on cars, you may want to rebuild some equipment yourself. Therefore, rather than replacing some of the parts, you can use rebuild kits. Kits that you can get to rebuild components include:

  • Engine kits
  • Carburetor kits
  • Transmission kits

These kits are ideal for equipment like carburetors that can easily be cleaned and rebuilt. In addition to the rebuild kits, there is also refurbished equipment that can be purchased from an auto parts service. The rebuild kits are great for equipment that is only a little worn and can easily be restored with a kit.

Finding Original Equipment  

There is also the original equipment or OEM parts. You have several options for using the original equipment. The OEM options that you may want to do for your restoration project include:

  • Getting parts from salvaged vehicles
  • Buying parts from an OEM manufacturer if possible
  • Contacting a used parts service to find OEM components

The OEM parts can be new replacements from the same manufacturers or original components from salvaged vehicles. Using the OEM replacements is the best solution if you want your restorations to be all original.

Using Refurbished Auto Parts

Used auto parts services often sell equipment that has been refurbished. Sometimes, you want to use refurbished equipment when there are things that you can't do in your own garage. The reconditioned equipment can be a great option for specific repairs, including:

  • Engines upgrades
  • Transmissions
  • Master cylinders
  • Interior restorations

The reconditioned parts are often the best option for repairs when you can't find what you need for repairs. Often, the refurbished parts are the best option if you want to make minor performance upgrades. A used auto parts service can provide you with the refurbished parts that have the upgrades you are looking for.

If you need parts for your project, contact a used auto parts service. They can help find original (OEM) parts to complete the repairs that you need to do for your classic car restoration.